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August 14, 2009


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Hey Tim,

I think you and DE are right on with this one. Very few high-school students care about Twitter, much less hearing tweets from a perspective school. The combination of admissions offices desperately trying to keep up with the times, and new "social media experts" leading their way, schools are asking "how can we get Twitter? and... what is it?" not "would our students even want such a thing".

All I know, is that nobody really knows anything (Black Swan anyone?). The college search/application process is changing. Will students apply directly through Facebook in 5 years? Will Facebook even be the dominant social platform? Nobody knows.

Until then, everyone will be stumbling along with the social media experts, just trying to figure out what the heck it all means.

NOT a social media expert
AT MOST a guy who knows some stuff

Missy Stanisz

Great information and discussion points. I think that while the recruits are not potentially receptive to certain marketing tools, the graphs you have provided clearly show that family/friends/influencers do influence decisions. Does the school then target these parent/friend influencers in hopes to reach the true audience, young adults? It makes you wonder...

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